A session

At the heart of each session I guide clients toward restoration of the body and nervous system to its naturally resilient state.

Sessions for adults may take place sitting up, lying down, or may be more dynamic and include movement. Based on your comfort level we may incorporate touch. Whether we are talking, using touch, movement, or bringing your awareness to your own body's sensations and impulses, the approach and how a session is paced, are based on your goals for our work and what best serves your body and nervous system. Avoiding catharsis, re-traumatization, or change that is too big for the body to integrate, the work is intended to be gentle and done in a way that allows deep and sustained healing and change.

When working with children and babies, a session is primarily focused on touch and movement. From working with tension patterns to noticing how the little ones do or don't engage their reflexes, how they organize and express their impulses, and how they process input, these sessions too are intended to gently support them so their bodies may integrate disruptions and become more resilient. It may take the form of lying down or being held in a parent's arms while I use gentle touch, I may have the parent use gentle touch while I guide him or her, or, with older babies and children, it may look more like play.

When working with young babies, especially when addressing issues with breastfeeding, sessions may focus more on working with the baby's body or it may focus more on creating balance and resilience in the baby through working with the mom.