Birth Recovery

Whether your birth experience was everything you hoped it would be or was the opposite of everything you expected, many women are left with residual feelings cycling through their mind and/or physical discomforts that won't seem to go away since being pregnant and giving birth. Sessions to support birth recovery address both the physical and psychological experiences that may be hanging on.

Photo by Christina Hultquist of Little LA Photography

Photo by Christina Hultquist of Little LA Photography

Together we will approach your challenges and/or discomforts in an extremely gentle fashion. In the tender postpartum period while you are adjusting to your new body and a new baby, is not the time to rock the boat but rather a time to gently support you to feel safer and healthier.

For cesarean birth recovery, we can begin as early as the day after the surgery to tend to gently care for the body.

If you are feeling like you the birth was wonderful and you don't know why things feel so wrong, we will gently support and unfold what the body needs and where integration may be supported.

Having fears about or discomforts while having sex after giving birth (regardless of what type of birth) can be gently addressed, to support a sense of safety in your skin and pave the way for a new kind of relationship with your body and your partner. We may use non-invasive touch (as feels comfortable for you) to support the healing of tissues and the realignment of your body, or talking and imagery to explore where safety may have been interrupted and what will restore it.

Other common post birth experiences that we can work through include:

  • Feeling like no one told you what it would really be like
  • Repeated flashbacks to moments of your birth experience
  • Fearing your next birth
  • Fear of sex
  • Fear of vaginal pain
  • Numbness in cesarean scar area
  • Pain in cesarean scar area
  • Physical discomforts since giving birth (especially those not being resolved through physical therapy, massage and/or other healing modalities)
  • Wondering if your birth could have gone differently
  • Anger at your care provider