Cesarean Birth

A mother giving birth by cesarean and a baby born by cesarean often present with different needs and challenges that deserve their own unique support and care for optimal recovery and future health of both mother and baby.

Whether you are having a planned cesarean, or it was an unexpected outcome, my cesarean birth services will be tailored to your and your baby's needs. 

For mothers, our approach may include supporting resilience of the nervous system, integration of the procedure, healing of the incision itself and the unique approaches to breastfeeding that may be required early on.

For babies, our approach may include supporting the health of the microbiome which is known to be different from that of babies born vaginally, as well as integrating structural patterns that may need support as a result of different movement patterns that occur during a cesarean.

Oftentimes, you and your baby will benefit from integrated support of you both simultaneously.

Cesarean birth support services may begin the day of the birth or months later.