About Jessica

My approach to working with clients emerged out of my experience working as a birth doula and homebirth midwife assistant, my study of Somatic Experiencing® (SE), my background as a licensed massage therapist, and my own healing process.


By integrating the latest medical research, study of early developmental phases, my experience from years of working in the fields of pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal year, SE®, and an understanding of the human desire to survive, I approach each client with a deep respect for their individual experience and the knowledge that it’s possible to thrive.

I take a collaborative approach to my work with clients that includes honest communication, knowledge, and a naturalistic approach. Together we create greater health and ease for you and/or your child. I value collaboration with other practitioners with whom you may be working to better support your (and your child's) health and healing. 

I maintain a commitment to supporting birth, postpartum and other health professionals to reduce the demand on your nervous system and to guide you toward clarity and ease in your practice, for both yourself and your clients.

I believe that we can improve the challenges or circumstances with which you are currently working and, by supporting the whole of you, enhance your life while resolving your current challenge.